Merger of Pancreatic Cancer Scotland

with Pancreatic Cancer Action

Notice of the transferal of personal details

On 1st April 2020, Pancreatic Cancer Scotland – Registered Scottish Charity (SC041740) merged with and became part of Pancreatic Cancer Action – Registered Charity in England & Wales (1137689) and Scotland (SC049777).

Pancreatic Cancer Scotland and Pancreatic Cancer Action believe it’s important to be up front about what we do with your data, we are committed to treating it with respect and keeping it safe.

In this notice, we outline what the merger means for personal data that was held by Pancreatic Cancer Scotland and we outline your rights over your data and how to contact us about it.


Transfer of data

Upon merger, personal data that you provided to Pancreatic Cancer Scotland will continue to be processed, for the same purposes, but with Pancreatic Cancer Action named as the ‘Data Controller’ under the Data Protection Act 2018:


Registered Office:

Oakhanger Farm Business Park,

Oakhanger, Hampshire,

GU35 9JA

Registered Charity in England & Wales (1137689)

Rgistered Charity in Scotland (SC049777)

What we do with your data

Pancreatic Cancer Action shares the same vision as Pancreatic Cancer Scotland.  We are committed to taking action together.  Pancreatic Cancer Action will take care of your data and will process it for the same purposes. The basis for processing your data will remain unchanged.


Transition period

On 1st April 2020 when the charities merge, the Scotland office will continue to operate as it did before the merger.  Over the next 6-12 months the two organisations will combine how we work to make sure we deliver our charitable aims together, in the best way we can.

This may mean some of the methods we use to collect and look after your personal data will change.  Please be reassured, we will continue to treat your personal data with respect, we will continue to keep it safe and we will only process it for the purposes you gave it to us.


We may contact you

Because of this transition, we may contact you, for example, about how to continue making your regular donations, about how to sign up to your favourite events and any other changes to the way you engage with us.

We will only contact you in relation to something you already do with Pancreatic Cancer Scotland.  We will respect your wishes if you have asked us not to contact you.

Updated Privacy Statement

The privacy statement for Pancreatic Cancer Scotland has been updated to reflect the merger.

It details how we collect and use the information you give us and information about you provided by third parties or from publicly available sources.  It explains your rights over that data and how to contact us about it.

You may read the revised privacy statement here.


Your right to object

You may ask us at any time to stop processing your data and may ask us at any time to change the data we hold about you.  In particular, you may contact us to object to your data being transferred to and processed by Pancreatic Cancer Action.


Contact Us

You may contact us for any reason about your personal data as follows:

By Post:   

Data Protection Officer,  

Pancreatic Cancer Action,  

Oakhanger Farm Business Park,  

Oakhanger Hampshire,  

GU35 9JA 


Data Protection Officer,  

Pancreatic Cancer Scotland 

The Pentagon Centre,  

36 Washington Street,  


G3 8AZ 



By Email: 






0303 040 1770 


 0141 213 8135