Treating Pancreatic Cancer

There are several ways to treat pancreatic cancer. These methods can be divided into two overall categories of ‘supportive’ and ‘active’ treatment.

Supportive therapy

All patients should have “active” treatment in combination with what could be termed “best supportive care”. This ensures the prevention or earliest possible treatment of; dietary and nutritional issues, impaired digestion, symptom control, side effects of active treatment, and any psychological, social, or spiritual problems linked to the disease or treatment.

Active treatment

As with most cancers, depending on the tumour type and results of staging investigations, active treatment will vary. This can include endoscopic treatment, radiological intervention, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery, either in isolation or combined together. Active treatment will be tailored to the needs of each patient, based on their fitness and stage of disease, and is complemented by aspects of supportive therapy.

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