FAQ’s: Pancreatic Cancer Charities merged

FAQ’s: Pancreatic Cancer Charities merged

3rd April 2020

Why have the two charities merged?

 2020 marks the 10-year anniversaries of both PCA and PCS. Reflecting on the past decade we are incredibly proud of our work and what we have achieved. Looking to the future we want to make the 2020’s The Decade of Change for Pancreatic Cancer.

By joining forces and taking action together, both charities know we can make this joint vision a reality.

Both PCA and PCS have a determination to help improve survival of pancreatic cancer patients, through the promotion of early diagnosis, greater public awareness, the education and training of healthcare professionals and through improving access to treatments and better care and support for patients and their families.

Both charities are financially stable, but we know we can achieve more united together. By bringing together our passion, energy, expertise, funds and networks, we’ll make greater progress in more effective ways for pancreatic cancer patients and their families in Scotland as well as in the rest of the UK.


What happens next?

Over the coming months our organisations will combine how we work to make sure we deliver our charitable aims together, in the best way we can. Projects and committed funding will continue as normal and some will be developed further. This is an exciting time in our 10th anniversary year, to strengthen and grow our activities, enabling us to add more value for our supporters, explore more opportunities and take more action to drive positive change.

As one organisation we will continue to give full focus to investing our supporters’ money as efficiently as possible, and our commitment to raising awareness, improving education, healthcare and research and supporting patients and families affected by pancreatic cancer and associated tumours shall remain unconditional.


What will the merged charity look like? What will it be called?

Activities in Scotland will continue to use the PCS name, while we work together with our colleagues at PCA to develop our combined organisation’s branding, future vision, strategy and action plans within the spirit of our merger.

We will endeavour to keep our supporters informed regularly.

If you would like to be kept up to date you can sign up to the following e-newsletters:


What is going to change for me? I have already committed to fundraise for you?

We understand that supporters will have already started fundraising with online fundraising platforms such as Just Giving and Virgin Money Giving etc.

We are very grateful for your support and if you have a page open to support us, there is no need to change anything and we will continue to keep in contact with you throughout your fundraising.

If you would like to raise funds or awareness for pancreatic cancer please reach out to our team and we will provide support and guidance to you.


I have a direct debit/payroll gift/standing order with PCS or PCA, what happens now?

If you have a direct debit / payroll gifting / standing order with PCA there is no need to do anything

If you have a direct debit / payroll gifting / standing order with PCS we will need to provide you with updated information.

Please email fundraising@pancanscot.org and our supporter relations team will get back to you.

The need for your support remains as great as ever, so thank you for your continued support.


I have given my contact details to PCS. What will happen to my data?

Pancreatic Cancer Scotland and Pancreatic Cancer Action believe it’s important to be up front about what we do with your data, we are committed to treating it with respect and keeping it safe. Under the Data Protection Act 2018, Pancreatic Cancer Action will become the ‘Data Controller’ of all personal data processed by the merged charity.

This may mean some of the methods we use to collect and look after your personal data will change.  Please be reassured, we will continue to treat your personal data with respect, we will continue to keep it safe and we will only process it for the purposes you gave it to us.

To read more and find out what this means for you please read our Notice of the transferal of personal details here.


How can I find out more about PCS/PCA?

To find out more about Pancreatic Cancer Scotland, please visit their website: www.pancanscot.org or if you have any specific questions, please contact the office connect@pancanscot.org or call 07508317404

To find out more about Pancreatic Cancer Action, please visit their website: www.panact.org or if you have any specific questions, please contact the office enquiries@panact.org or call 03030401770


I have another question that isn’t listed, who can I get in touch with?

We’re always happy to chat – please reach out with any queries to:

Pancreatic Cancer Action: enquiries@panact.org or call 0303 040 1770 or

Pancreatic Cancer Scotland: connect@pancanscot.org or call 07508317404