Pancreatic Cancer Scotland are pleased to offer free mindfulness sessions for anyone affected by pancreatic cancer.

Taking place at The Pentagon Centre, 36 Washington Street, Glasgow, G3 8AZ, the aims of the sessions are to:

  • achieve greater relaxation
  • reduce levels of stress
  • enjoy the present moment

Fourth Monday of the month 7pm – 8:30pm

25th Mar /  22nd Apr / 27th May / 24th Jun 2019

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Second Wednesday of the month 10:30am – 12 Noon

10th Apr / 8th May / 12th Jun 2019

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For further information please email: connect@pancanscot.org or call 0141 213 8135.

Please note: limited spaces are available.

The sessions are facilitated by our Volunteer, Elaine, who is a qualified Mindfulness coach.

Elaine’s Mindfulness Journey

“When my husband, Peter became ill with pancreatic cancer, our lives became a roller-coaster ride -hopes raised hopes dashed over and over. I was working full time and with four daughters; I had to be Mrs Strong for everybody.

I began reading self help books to look for hints as to how to get everyone through this. I discovered Mindfulness and started to practise different techniques at home. Mindfulness is simply spending as much time as possible in the safety of the present moment:

  • It helps us to stop worrying about past events.
  • It helps us to stop thinking about what might never happen.
  • It helps us concentrate on what is happening right now and enjoy what we have.

Meditation is one tool that helps us achieve all of this. It gives us relaxation and peace of mind.

I began to meditate every week. I was able to just be; escaping my thoughts. This rejuvenated me and allowed me to continue life for another week. The more I practised the more relaxed I became.

Today I am more able to go with the flow and less anxious about life.

I believe mindfulness can help others too and in March 2017 I became a Mindfulness Coach because I wanted to pass on the techniques that I learned, that helped me cope with Peter’s illness and with my life beyond his death.

Having introduced mindfulness to young people at my work and seeing the benefits they experienced, I now want to share the practices with people affected by pancreatic cancer.”

What the Sessions Involve

Elaine’s mindfulness sessions are limited to 10 people to ensure a more personable experience.

The sessions are available to anyone affected by pancreatic cancer and associated tumours. This includes the person diagnosed, their family members, friends, carers and those who have lost a loved one.

The format will be relaxed and flexible, adapting to attendees’ preferences and feedback evaluation forms will lead the direction of future sessions.

General structure of the session:

1 hour – An introduction to mindfulness; what it is and its benefits, stretching and relaxation followed by a short meditation to help you relax.
30 Minutes – Optional refreshments and chat

You won’t be asked to share your thoughts, but Elaine will provide you with information on tools to help manage your thoughts.
Help sheets will be shared to encourage you to practice at home.

We won’t talk about your connection to pancreatic cancer unless you want to, over refreshments.

As places are limited to 10 people we recommend registering early to avoid disappointment.