Our team

Pancreatic Cancer Scotland has historically been mainly volunteer driven and recently embarked on a new stage of significant growth, with a new staffing structure to strengthen and support its development and work towards ensuring that throughout Scotland, anyone affected by pancreatic cancer has access to information and support.

Team PCS

Fiona Brown, Development Manager

Mairi Handy, Development Officer

Michelle Grimley, Marketing & Strategy Consultant

Dionne Denovan, Supporter Relations Co-ordinator 


The Charity’s Trustees have overall responsibility for the strategies, management and finances of the Charity, and to ensure that it achieves its objectives. They are also responsible for the preparation its annual reports and financial returns. Currently Pancreatic Cancer Scotland has four Trustees:

Ross Carter

Graham Carson

Lorraine Stirling

Alison Clancy


The Trustees are also member of the Committee. This Group is responsible for the development of Pancreatic Cancer Scotland’s strategies, and makes plans for their achievement. It also has oversight of the Charity’s day-to-day activities and financial matters. One of the strengths of the Charity lies in the breadth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm of its steering committee members.

Our Committee members are:

Ross Carter

Graham Carson

Lorraine Stirling

Alison Clancy

Professor Clem Imrie

Frank Buckley

Eileen Campbell

Lynne Carter


The Charity’s patrons are people of renown and distinction who have connections with the aims and work of the organisation. They help to promote Pancreatic Cancer Scotland in the public eye, and take an interest in its ongoing activities and development.

Sir Kenneth Calman

Sally Magnuson

Sheila Fleet OBE