What We Do

We are committed to raising awareness, improving education, healthcare and research and supporting patients and families in Scotland affected by pancreatic cancer and associated tumours.

We promote awareness of pancreatic cancer in Scotland through advertising and media campaigns, distributing information leaflets and posters, coupled with awareness events throughout Scotland.

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month takes place in November every year. It is recognised across the UK and internationally and we are a member of Pancreatic Cancer Europe and the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition to work together to raise awareness worldwide.

Our network of support groups seek to offer practical and emotional guidance to patients and families in Scotland.

To meet our objective of improving education, we aim to develop educational material for medical practitioners and the public throughout Scotland.

A major focus of Pancreatic Cancer Scotland is to improve the standard of healthcare available to patients with pancreatic cancer across Scotland. This covers a number of activities:

  • Improving education of what constitutes best practice;
  • Encouraging early diagnosis;
  • Encouraging the standardisation of care practice in Scotland;
  • Promoting the best routes by which patients are referred to specialists for further investiagation and diagnosis;
  • Improving the availability of new and innovative treatments; and
  • Facilitating participation in cancer drug and treatment trials.

As a small charity we co-fund research projects within Scotland as well as offering funding to individual researchers and research centres across Scotland.

Together, we can make a big difference

Join Scotland’s fight
against pancreatic cancer